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Monthly Archives: February, 2015

Valentine’s day ❤

★★★ UPDATE ★★★: Be sure check my 2017’s Valtentine’s Day YouTube video here! So as you might already know in Japan girls are supposed to give boys chocolate on Valentine’s day. Sometimes they give chocolate to anyone, including just friends and their family, in this case it’s called giri-choko (義理 = obligation) and mostly it doesn’t mean …

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Cat cafe

So last week I went to a cat cafe with my friends. Japan really loves weird cafes. There are maid cafes, butlers cafes, daytime nap cafes, rabbit cafes… even owl cafes! So basically it’s all just places where you can spend some time surrounded by the stuff you like. And cat cafes are especially popular, …

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Getting your ears pierced

So I’ve had this wild idea in my head for a while. Just didn’t know how to do it in Japan. Obviously at first I checked some clinics in Tokyo, but boy it was pretty expensive to my temporarily unemployed pocket. So finally I found a better and cheaper solution!

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