UPDATE : Be sure check my 2017’s Valtentine’s Day YouTube video here!

So as you might already know in Japan girls are supposed to give boys chocolate on Valentine’s day. Sometimes they give chocolate to anyone, including just friends and their family, in this case it’s called giri-choko (義理 = obligation) and mostly it doesn’t mean much, it’s just a way to say thank you for everything. But for the special ones there’s honmei-choko (本命 = true feelings (roughly)), the type that actually means that there’s something.

So this year was my second time to actually make tezukuri-choko (手作りチョコ = handmade chocolate)! It’s kinda fun because you can decide how your choco is going to look and taste and there are plenty of ingredients and decorations to choose from. So here’s what it looked like in the process of making:


Aaand here’s the finished look. I know I kinda failed. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?!


And as a bonus, here’s my Valentine choco from two years ago. Kinda looks better… (T__T) An yes, I know I’m using pretty much the same stuff every year. Maybe next time I’ll try something more advanced. 0008hkz3


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