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Quick updates

Happy New 2017! (^_^) Disappearing like this for almost 1.5 years is a special skill ;P But I’m back now!  Here’s a quick update of what’s happened since the last post: I did move to a new place. Twice actually. I think I’ll do a quick apartment tour soon, so stay tuned. Visited home three times …

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♪ It’s been 4 years since I came to Japan. Wow. 4 years sounds like not much, but in reality it’s pretty long. Gosh, I still remember the times when 90% of people were using garakei (foldable and compact multi-function phones that were almost as cool as smartphones now, but had small screens, buttons… wait, …

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Cool hidden places in Tokyo – 1

So I was doing some exploring the other day and found this. Hidden right in the middle of normal houses, apartments and mansions.  Look, there’s a shrimp there! A real freaking shrimp  in the water in the middle of a megapolis!   

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Beauty appliances in Japan

Heya~ It’s been a while since I posted anything and for that I feel sorry. My main excuse is that I started a new job and it literally drains all my powers…  But it’s been almost three months and I started adapting gradually so hopefully things will get back to normal in no time. So today …

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Valentine’s day ❤

★★★ UPDATE ★★★: Be sure check my 2017’s Valtentine’s Day YouTube video here! So as you might already know in Japan girls are supposed to give boys chocolate on Valentine’s day. Sometimes they give chocolate to anyone, including just friends and their family, in this case it’s called giri-choko (義理 = obligation) and mostly it doesn’t mean …

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