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This year’s Fukuboukuro (Lucky Bag)

All the big department stores and outlets in Japan usually have bargain sales in the beginning of a new year, and some brands sell the so called Lucky Bags, which include a set of items that you can’t see until you actually open the bag. The price for the bag is usually less than the worth of …

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Quick updates

Happy New 2017! (^_^) Disappearing like this for almost 1.5 years is a special skill ;P But I’m back now!  Here’s a quick update of what’s happened since the last post: I did move to a new place. Twice actually. I think I’ll do a quick apartment tour soon, so stay tuned. Visited home three times …

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♪ It’s been 4 years since I came to Japan. Wow. 4 years sounds like not much, but in reality it’s pretty long. Gosh, I still remember the times when 90% of people were using garakei (foldable and compact multi-function phones that were almost as cool as smartphones now, but had small screens, buttons… wait, …

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Cool hidden places in Tokyo – 1

So I was doing some exploring the other day and found this. Hidden right in the middle of normal houses, apartments and mansions.  Look, there’s a shrimp there! A real freaking shrimp  in the water in the middle of a megapolis!   

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Beauty appliances in Japan

Heya~ It’s been a while since I posted anything and for that I feel sorry. My main excuse is that I started a new job and it literally drains all my powers…  But it’s been almost three months and I started adapting gradually so hopefully things will get back to normal in no time. So today …

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