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Nagasaki Adventures – Kyushu Japan Travel Vlog ep.4

Finally after two years I’m uploading the video, lol. This goes well together with my posts back from here and here.

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Nagasaki Adventures – Kyushu Japan Travel Vlog ep.3

It’s been a long while since I posted anything here. Well, let’s just say I sorta took a break. It’s just how I am, always getting passionate about something, then  fading away and then coming back again. Anyways, today’s just a new video, expanding my last year’s blog posts about Nagasaki (which you can find …

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YouTube channel: first video!

I finally did it! Sorry for tons and weirdness and awkwardness, I promise to get better. ;P Please subscribe for more stuff. (^_^) Your support is super importnant!  Click here to watch it on YouTube!

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