Kat's Life in Japan



As you might have guessed by the title of this page, I am a casual singer and this is a place where I’d like to share my cover songs with you. I love to sing different songs, but somehow it just happened so that most of my songs are anime covers. To be honest, since I moved to Japan I haven’t been able to record much (before that I used to do it at home) due to thin walls, paranoid neighbors, lack of time… and all other usual lame procrastinator’s excuses. Recently I’ve been pushing myself to do more YouTube videos, including some singing ones. If you are interested, you can find them here.

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You can also take a moment to listen to some of my old cover songs. I hope you enjoy! Thank you! ♥

♪ Lacrimosa (oroginally by Kalafina) ♪
This song is one of the most interesting and fun projects I’ve recorded so far. Absolutely all the vocals are mine. It’s like 10 mes are singing at the same time! 笑

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