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Cooking for busy people – Japanese version

If you’ve ever been to Japan you know that finding where to eat here is very, very easy. And the food is pretty good anywhere you go. At least I’m yet to find a place where I would not like the taste of what’s being served. But if you (like me) actually live here, trying to find a balance between your busy schedule and healthy eating habits might be a bit difficult. First of all, some of Japanese food is not exactly healthy: miso soup is a real sodium bomb, tempura and all kinds of agemono (deep-fried dishes) are cooked in oil (say hi to cholesterol!), plus mayonnaise and soy sauce that are widely used in cooking… not exactly healthy either. Cooking for yourself and choosing what exactly you want to eat is an obvious healthy choice, but…

Ain’t nobody got time for that?! ( ̄□ ̄||)

That’s when I found an interesting service, which I’ve only tried for a week for now, but it is certainly promising:  assemble-your-own-dinner kit “Oisix”! ⤵

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Nagasaki Adventures – Kyushu Japan Travel Vlog ep.3

It’s been a long while since I posted anything here. Well, let’s just say I sorta took a break. It’s just how I am, always getting passionate about something, then  fading away and then coming back again.

Anyways, today’s just a new video, expanding my last year’s blog posts about Nagasaki (which you can find here and here). Enjoy!

Korean Wedding Ceremony

Absolutely stunning wedding clothes, performances and traditional music – this is what a wedding looks like in Korea.

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More Fukuoka adventures

Nothing much. Just more random stuff to do and try in Fukuoka!

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Ghost in the Shell – Inner Universe COVER by Amethyst

A new song video! This time it’s something almost sacred… an opening song from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – innver univers (originally sung by a Russian singer Origa and composed by Yoko Kanno <3). Check out the full version on my YouTube channel! (*^^*)

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