Amethyst.Blog is going Russian

Okay, let’s be completely honest: my relationship with this blog has been complicated. We haven’t been exactly faithful to each other over these several past years. I’ve been coming and going, experimenting with other social media, testing if I can maybe swim in different waters… Wait, why am I talking about my blog like we’re about to get a divorce? LOL

My life has changed so drastically recently, but I couldn’t bring myself to talk about it here, so I took my time to analyze why it is so difficult? Why it is not working like I thought it would? And the answer was rather simple: most likely it’s just due to the language. Why did I choose to write in English? Because it seemed like a cool idea: a wider audience, more opportunities, all that stuff. But in the end, it all comes to what you’re more comfortable with. And turns out I’m just much more comfortable with my mother tongue.

So, *drumrolls* this blog is officially going Russian! As sorry as I am to admit it, but having lived abroad for almost 10 years, I miss my native language, I want to use it more, and… ultimately, I’m just better at writing stuff in Russian.

That said, my old posts in English are not going anywhere (even though I’ve debated that a lot since apparently mixing languages on one website is a bad idea as it screws us SEO, but meh…), but all the new ones are now going to be in Russian. If you are my old subscriber and somehow miraculously you survived all my past hiatuses, first of all, let me tell you: you’re breathtaking (I just HAD to steal this phrase from Keanu Reeves). Thank you for your support all these years! And I’m sorry if my decision makes it very hard for you to keep following me, but I do hope you can understand where it is coming from.

For all my Russian speaking (or reading?) folks, fasten your belts – some good stuff is coming soon!

Об Авторе

Привет, мой читатель. Я создательница и автор этого блога. Как здорово, что каким-то чудесным образом Вы попали сюда. Устраивайтесь поудобнее, надеюсь, вы тут надолго!

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