So as some of you might know, I recently bought a new camera for my YouTube’ing and vlogging needs. After some research and thinking I’ve chosen the new Canon EOS M5. Now that I’ve tested it for some time, I can say that it clearly has some flaws, but the good points do overweight them. And what’s more, those flaws are just the matter of getting used to them and finding a workaround (like the tripod issue – I’ve managed to pull something off 0008hkz3 ).

So in overall it’s a very nice camera, a very compact one too, so I’m definitely looking forward to using it more!

And btw, there will be plenty of chances for me to use it soon, because we are going on a trip in a few days! Yaaaay!〜♫ Adventures! 0008w49x

And also, the sakura season is coming! I’m so excited! For now, so far I’ve stumbled upon one sakura tree that was already blooming super early, so I grabbed some of the beauty with my new camera. Can’t wait for more!

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