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Kyushu Trip Day 3 & 4: Nagasaki – Highlights

I realized that my previous post about Nagasaki was all just words, words and words! Ain’t nobody got time for dis? Now I’m fixing it by adding some pictures.

So, Nagasaki’s best:

  • Food!

Of course, it’s Nagasaki chanpon! Tasty as hell!


Nagasaki Chanpon

And then a less famous Nagasaki food: Turkish Rice. 0008hkz3 Now I might be wrong and it’s not only Nagasaki food, but I never even heard of it before coming to Nagasaki, so meh. Apparanetly, the name comes from a concept of Turkey being somewhere between Europe (represented by spaghetti) and Asia (represented by rice), and thus this dish got a fancy name of “Turkish Rice”. Don’t ask me. That’s just what I heard.


Turkish Rice

  • Atomic Bomb Peace Park

The statue’s  raised right hand points to the heavens to signify the threat of atomic weapons while the left arm is raised horizontally to represent the wish for peace. The figure’s eyes are lightly closed in prayer for the souls of the atomic bomb victims.


Nagasaki Peace Park Statue

  • Oura Church

Well, my favorite… nothing to add.


Oura Catholic Church and a small shopping street nearby

  • Random turtle

Cuz it’s super cute! (*__*)


And finally…

  • Mount Inasa topview

Amazing nightview of Nagasaki from the top of Mount Inasa

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