Alright! I’ve decided to give WordPress a go. Not sure what exactly I’m going to do with it, but oh well a blog is a blog anyway. The main idea hasn’t changed: I just want to be able to share some moments and thoughts with friends and ppl who read me. So let’s see how it goes.

Anyway, I had a great Birthday party yesterday. Thanks again to everyone who made it. Should’ve taken more pics, though. That’s all I’ve got so far.





Об Авторе

Привет, мой читатель. Я создательница и автор этого блога. Как здорово, что каким-то чудесным образом Вы попали сюда. Устраивайтесь поудобнее, надеюсь, вы тут надолго!

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  • Anthony
    25 января, 2015 в 23:46

    I think you’ll find WordPress a good fit. Before long, you will have lots of followers and comments. It’s pretty easy for people to find their interests and get information. Good luck.

    • amejisuto
      27 января, 2015 в 12:38

      Hey Anthony! Thank you for the welcoming words. I certainly hope so too. (^_^)


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