So it’s been a little over a month since I started the YouTube stuff. It’s fun, nothing more to add! It keeps me busy all the time. Constantly thinking about new ideas, working on something, editing, writing something, doing some related reading, studying…
Yes, it is fun. But it’s also tiring. Been a while since I just came home and did nothing… like just watched some drama or a movie, played a game. Now it’s all work work work for YouTube. I need to find some good balance, I guess.
Or, somehow get more free time. But it’s nearly impossible if you work full time in Japan. (>_<) /firstworldproblems

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Привет, мой читатель. Я создательница и автор этого блога. Как здорово, что каким-то чудесным образом Вы попали сюда. Устраивайтесь поудобнее, надеюсь, вы тут надолго!

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