♪ It’s been 4 years since I came to Japan.
Wow. 4 years sounds like not much, but in reality it’s pretty long. Gosh, I still remember the times when 90% of people were using garakei (foldable and compact multi-function phones that were almost as cool as smartphones now, but had small screens, buttons… wait, do I really need to explain?) and iPhones were not popular at all. Everyone was watching TV on their tiny screens instead of tweeting and updating Facebook. I also had one of those phones and I really liked the sound it made when you opened and closed it, that crispy feeling… lol

Here’s what I had btw:

The pics back from 2011… Aww…

And completely off topic, but still… This is what I had back in 2004: 0008hkz3

♪ Finally my visa has been extended to another 5 years!

You know that ugly feeling when you have to wait for an important announcement that will decide your life? Well, that’s the feeling you get when you wait for the immigration bureau decision. This time the whole process took some ridiculous amount of time (almost 3 months) and by the end I was pretty worried and almost ready to start packing up my stuff. But yay, 5 years is a good catch. A bit surprised they don’t put any stickers in your passport anymore (looks like the procedure has changed and everything is now in your Residence Card, so don’t ever lose it!).

♪ It’s time for me to move on… to a new place!

I’ve been living in my current apartment ever since I came to Japan. It’s a furnished apartment which is designed for people who don’t want to live in a hotel but also don’t want to bother buying the furniture and stuff like fridge, washing machine, microwave, etc. (it’s LeoPalace btw). My original intention was to stay there until my research program was over (13 months) and then go back home, but since I eventually decided to stay in Japan, I just kept on living there. Essentially I was sort of stuck there as I could never really afford to move to a better place. Because you know what? Moving to a different apartment is a very expensive deal in Japan because real estate agencies charge you for whatever crap they can imagine. You might end up paying up to x5 of the original month’s rent cost of your new apartment. Plus there are expenses necessary for transporting your belongings and buying additional stuff.
I haven’t really figured out what must be done before you actually decide to move out, but I’ll do my research and make a post about it. It’s probably some really mendoukusai stuff like informing your kuyakusho, redirecting your mail, etc. Awww, mendoukusai stuff is so mendoukusai.

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