Kat's Life in Japan

Korean Wedding Ceremony

Absolutely stunning wedding clothes, performances and traditional music – this is what a wedding looks like in Korea.

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More Fukuoka adventures

Nothing much. Just more random stuff to do and try in Fukuoka!

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Ghost in the Shell – Inner Universe COVER by Amethyst

A new song video! This time it’s something almost sacred… an opening song from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – innver univers (originally sung by a Russian singer Origa and composed by Yoko Kanno <3). Check out the full version on my YouTube channel! (*^^*)

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Kyushu Trip Day 6: The Land of Kumamon

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The moment we stepped out of our ferry, we were greeted by Kumamoto’s most famous person: Kumamon. He is literaly everywhere. No kidding. Everywhere. In shops, in hotels, in train stations… But you know what? It’s not annoying at all! Because he’s sooo damn cute!

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May 2017 iPhone Calendar Wallpaper

Hey guys! It’s almost May, so for everyone out there like me struggling to stay organized I’ve created this little iPhone wallpaper that’s also a calendar for this month.

iPhone Calendar May 2017

It starts from Monday, because honestly I just can’t wrap my head around a week that starts from Sunday… sorry, my week ends on Sunday, not starts. ;D

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can grab the calendar HERE.