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Kyushu Trip Day 5 & 6: Unzen and Shimabara (still Nagasaki Prefecture)

A few hours away on a bus took us to a mysterious area called Unzen. Actually, Unzen is the name of a vulcano, which, as I found out later, is still active and making the whole surrounding area potentially dangerous.


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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu: basics

Have you ever heard of Jiu-jitsu or jujutsu? Wanna know more? This video is for you! (^__^)

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Morinaga sweets bag: un…bagging?!

Morinaga, one of the oldest confectionery companies in Japan, showed up yesterday at our company with some big sale giving anyone a chance to buy some sweet (and not only) stuff for a substantially lower price. And even though I’m normally not so into sweets, I couldn’t resist grabbing a bag of goodies from them.

For a mere price of 1,000 yen you receive this baby:

Wanna see what’s inside?
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Kyushu Trip Day 3 & 4: Nagasaki – Highlights

I realized that my previous post about Nagasaki was all just words, words and words! Ain’t nobody got time for dis? Now I’m fixing it by adding some pictures.

So, Nagasaki’s best:

  • Food!

Of course, it’s Nagasaki chanpon! Tasty as hell!


Nagasaki Chanpon

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Kyushu Trip Day 3 & 4: Nagasaki


Visiting Nagasaki was my dream since… I don’t even remember when.
Back in the days when I just started watching anime, I got pretty obsessed with an anime about shinigami (gods of death) called “Yami no Matsuei” (Descendants of Darkness). I gathered everything related I could: all the possible releases of the anime, all the volumes of manga I could find (it wasn’t easy back then!), listened to the OST 24/7… Did I mention I was also in love with the main character (tehe /shy)? 00090kf7 My ultimate goal was to visit some day the locations where some of the action in anime and manga took place (it included Nagasaki, Kyoto and some other places). After so many years, I finally did!

★ First of all, of course, Nagasaki Peace Park and Atomic Bomb museum. It is so worth visiting, I can’t say enough.
★ Top of mount Inasa for the gorgeous night view of the city. Japan’s third best, btw. Warning: it is freaking cold and windy on the top (unless you’re visiting in summer, I assume).
★ MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE OF THE WHOLE TRIP: Oura Church (already did some squeeing about it in my previous post). Majestic.
★ Glover Garden. Beautiful, peaceful, totally recommend.
★ Megane Bridge. Because it’s cute! (⌐■_■)
★ Dejima Island (which is not an island anymore…). It was very interesting to find out how Japan opened up a tiny little window to the outside world and how many good (and possibly bad) changes it brought.

Unfortunately we were unable to visit the famous Gunkanjima (an abandoned island), because of our poor trip planning skills (all the spots on the boat tours were already taken)… maybe next time.

And finally,

長崎チャンポン美味しかった!!! (*´▽`)