Heya~ It’s been a while since I posted anything and for that I feel sorry. My main excuse is that I started a new job and it literally drains all my powers… 0008k2k4 But it’s been almost three months and I started adapting gradually so hopefully things will get back to normal in no time.

So today I’d like to talk about beauty appliances in Japan. Me and my friend decided to drop by an electronic appliances shop the other day to try out some of those cool massage chairs they have there and somehow we got stuck at a beauty devices section. There were SO MANY things and I didn’t even know what the majority of them were for! 0008w49x

Face, body, hair and oral care items as well as relaxation and hair removal items are all gathered together in one section called “美容製品”. In theory you can even try every one of them if you want, but unfortunately in reality their batteries are dead and shop assistants don’t do anything about that. So some of the devices are still a mystery to me.

But there was one particular device I saw on TV: an ultrasonic peeler Bijouna. What they showed on TV was kinda cool, like dirt and dead skin cells appearing out of seemingly clean skin, eww~

So we decided to buy it and try at home. Hmmm… Didn’t really get it xD Guess it only works properly with the dedicated gel (only trial size is included with the device), but the reviews on some websites said that water or some lotion also works fine. Well, anyway, something showed up from my skin, but I’m not sure if it was dirt or just the reaction of my 化粧水 to ultrasonic waves. Will give it some more tries, but I feel a bit disappointed already because I was hoping it would at least feel better.

Well we also bought an electric toothbrush and that baby is worth every penny yen so far! ;D

There are other devices that I definitely want to try out as well! Just gotta be very picky in what you choose otherwise there’s a high possibility you end up in a pile of devices you never use. 00090kf7

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