So I’ve had this wild idea in my head for a while. Just didn’t know how to do it in Japan. Obviously at first I checked some clinics in Tokyo, but boy it was pretty expensive to my temporarily unemployed pocket. So finally I found a better and cheaper solution!


So, all you need to do it find one of those places where they sell different accessories and look for ear piercing kits that look something like this:


These peircers are one time disposable type, so in theory you can do everything yourself if you want. I’m not that hardcore, though. There are also several types for different parts of your ears or body and different colors / materials. I picked some standard type with aquamarine color: two for my earlobe and one for the cartilage. Once you purchace them you will be given a small handbook with some instructions and also addresses of some clinics that… BOOM! …pierce your ears or body for you for FREE. All you need to do is book a time slot and bring the stuff you’ve just bought to them.

So that’s what I did last week. チョーーーーー痛かった!!!


After you have your new holes in your ears, the booklet recommends washing them once a day with mild soap foam and then use a special disinfectant gel for freshly pierced ears to avoid any complications. After approximately a month or two (the longer the better they say) you can remove the tiny temporary studs and put on something shinier and bigger.

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Привет, мой читатель. Я создательница и автор этого блога. Как здорово, что каким-то чудесным образом Вы попали сюда. Устраивайтесь поудобнее, надеюсь, вы тут надолго!

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  • Merclangrat
    23 августа, 2015 в 20:12

    Wow, so cute 🙂 it suits you, you should do something in the second ear, definitely!

    (I didn’t know that you had begun new blog, found you here only today, nice to meet you again)


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