So last week I went to a cat cafe with my friends. Japan really loves weird cafes. There are maid cafes, butlers cafes, daytime nap cafes, rabbit cafes… even owl cafes! So basically it’s all just places where you can spend some time surrounded by the stuff you like. And cat cafes are especially popular, because in Japan people’s living conditions don’t allow to have pets or sometimes people just don’t want to commit, so whenever you feel like touching something fluffy and playful – just go to a neko cafe!


So basically the whole concept of a neko cafe is that you come to a place full of cats and have a chance to play with them (if cats are nice enough), feed them, run after them and sometimes you can also just relax and eat or drink something while watching them walk around.



My favorite cat was this gorgeous creature (Norway forest cat), because it reminded me of my cat.


This guy didn’t care about anything.


My fav again. DAT TAIL!!!11


And again.


Aaand again.



This little guy had tiny short legs… and was a bit painful to look at. He was born like that… but it looks so unnatural. Poor little thing.


People just chilling with cats occasionally coming over to get some attention.


A little event where they bring some special toys for cats to make them more active before dinner. It didn’t really work. The cats there are just too lazy.


Awww. The gorgeous guy again. He’s so big! I love big cats.




So this was my second experience at a neko cafe and I’d say that this cafe (btw it’s in Kichijouji) isn’t very good. There are just few points that they kinda missed. First of all the tables. If some nekos gather around some table, obviously you can’t get to them because that’d mean you’re invading someone’s table and thus their privacy as well. And again, if you’re assigned a table, it kinda makes you uncomfortable moving around chasing cats. But if you don’t, on the other hand, there’s a big chance that no neko will ever visit you. So some ppl are just lucky to have a table close to some nice spot where a lot of cats gather, some are not and they won’t see many cats. Not really good. And besides, MY CAT IS THE BEST ANYWAY. Mwahhaha.

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